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What Makes Our Services Different?

  • Freelance translation services. Working with a freelancer means no middlemen — direct communication with the translator/editor and same linguist working on a project ensures higher quality and better consistency of the translation.
  • Understanding client needs. Every task is custom-made. We ask the right questions.
  • Specialization. Our work is based on substantial experience in our respective areas of expertise including IT, law, food and beverages, and fashion. In addition, we work with different types of content such as websites, apps, slogans, ads, manuals, brochures, product descriptions or official documents. That’s why we understand the importance of character limits or unconventional style guides.
  • Preparing for the job. In some cases, the source material is not well prepared or perhaps instructions are not clear, which leads to issues like longer delivery time or reduced translation quality. You can avoid this with our pre-translation tips.
  • Constant learning. Upgrading our linguistic and translation skills is an essential part of our job. On top of that, keeping an eye on the latest technological advances in the industry (software, security, finance) is a priority.
  • Simplified procedures. Our form  makes communication straightforwardno need for countless emails. However, we are always available when you want to contact the translator directly.
  • Payment methods. You can use a variety of payment method  including Wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin.
  • Realistic workload and time management. Setting a limit on our weekly translation output ensures that the quality is never compromised. Every project includes 15-20% time cushion.
  • Discounts, promo codes, and referral program. If you represent a nonprofit organization you might be eligible for a discount. All clients can participate in our referral program.
  • Transparent translation process. Every step is clear and the timeline is precise.

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What others say about us

Ljubica has always done a wonderful job for us. Her translations were highly praised by independent reviewers and and she delivered them quickly (very quickly). Ljubica is very pleasant to work with - professional, fast to respond and very kind and friendly. Thank you, Ljubica, I am looking forward to working with you again.

Project Manager,
Translation and Localization Company,

 Very good translation. Sentences are fluent. Translators in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian often make mistakes by translating word by word, which is not the case here.
No errors found. No remarks to be made. Well done!"  

 In-house Proofreader, Translation Agency,

 Ljubica is a strong part of our Serbian team with very good evaluations from each project and always willing to help with any issue or question we need.

 Localization Project Manager, Travel Website,
Czech Republic

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