About Us

Who we are

Hi and thank you for stopping by! We are Ljubica Grgin and Nikola Stojković, native Serbian speakers and full-time freelance linguists living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our experience covers areas such as law, marketing, IT, fashion, food and beverage industry, and retail. In the past we both worked for various international organizations and EU projects where translating and interpreting was a crucial part of our daily tasks. At the same time, we worked part-time as translators and gradually moved towards an independent career in translation. Freelancing gave us a better work-life balance and enough time to improve our skills and stay in touch with new tools, trends and technologies.

Ljubica is a polyglot with a degree in philology. Apart from English, she translates from Spanish, French and Italian. Her areas of expertise are fashion and cosmetics, IT and software.

Nikola has a degree in philosophy. His areas of expertise are casino/games, cryptocurrency, marketing, food and beverage industry. He mostly deals with transcreation and marketing-oriented content.

What we do

Our services are divided into two main categories: translation and review. Translators generally start with a field like law or engineering and build their translation skills by focusing on these or similar fields. Although specialization by field was viewed as the only model of career development of professional translators, another concept emerged as a consequence of modern fast-growing, marketing-oriented industries. This model takes into account the importance of structure of a material itself, as website content, app interface, software UI, brochures, manuals, and newsletters are increasingly gaining more significance. In the end, it brings together highly specialized knowledge of industries, standards and regulations with more creative skills such as copywriting or content marketing. One could say that this approach is in many ways similar to the ideas presented in Skopos theory of translation.

This is why our internal procedures allow you to get custom-made translation services no matter how specific or unusual your demands are. If you tell us what is the goal of your material, we will find the optimum solution for you. The idea is to ask the essential questions that make final product perfect and to get rid of the noise in communication.

What we don't do

Post-editing, subtitling, transcription, and certified translation are not part of our services. If there is a short deadline, we will rather pass the project altogether than deliver poor job. If you need something to be done urgently we can make it happen but only when we are absolutely sure we can maintain industry standards.  If you need translation from the field that is not listed here, send us an email. Since we know a number of linguists working in various fields, chances are we might know the right person for the job. Feel free to ask us anything about our work or translation to Serbian.


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